Blessed Carlo Acutis Model for the Millenial Generation

How remarkable it is that, from such a young age, the desire of Carlo Acutis was that we become saints! His short yet intense life of just fifteen years (1991 – 2006), spanning two centuries and crossing the threshold of the second millennium, shows how he fulfilled this for himself and how he has provided a roadmap to holiness in our times for us all and for young people especially. Now beatified, Carlo stands before us, as a boy of our times, and says to us: “Have the courage to dare with God! Dare to be a saint!” “Act like me,” he says, “and you will see the results!” I invite you to join me “to act like Carlo,” and bring others, too – your friends, children, those you teach or catechise, those far away from the Church – into the journey of “Blessed Carlo Acutis – 5 Steps to Being a Saint.”